Life Sciences

Concepts in Biology 01:119:100

This course is restricted to first-year and second-year students who plan to pursue a Life Sciences or other science major, but do not meet the prerequisites or have the appropriate background to register for General Biology 119:115

This course is offered in Fall and Spring

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Course Reserved Material

1. Textbook

Biology:Concepts and Connections, Campbell, 7th ed.
A complete list of reserved books and study aids is available here.

2. Microscope Slides 

Note: Slides can be checked out at the MSLC front desk. Make sure you bring your Rutgers Student ID. Microscopes are available in the Biology Study Room. Make sure you bring your Rutgers Student ID.

LAB 2  Microscopy

  • Reptile
  • Grid Slide
  • E Slide
  • Threads Slide
  • Clostridium tetani
  • Amoeba proteus
  • Volvox
  • Nerium oleander

LAB 3  Anatomy and Histology

  • Planaria whole mount
  • Planaria section
  • Stratified squamos epithelium
  • Simple Cuboidal
  • Trachea
  • Areolar tissue spread film (loose connective
  • White Fibrous connective tissue I.e. Dense
  • Bone, Ground
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Smooth muscle cs &ls
  • Giant multipolar motor neuron

LAB 7  Peripheral Nervous System and Statistical Confidence

  •  Spinal Cord cx
  • Peripheral Nerve
  • Medullated Nerve Fibers
  • Motor Nerve Endings
  • Retina
  • Meissner's Corpuscles
  • Pacinian Corpuscles
  • Taste Buds