Life Sciences

Services for Students

The MSLC hosts review sessions and office hours, offered by instructors and teaching assistants, for a number of courses, including General Biology, Concepts in Biology, Systems Physiology, Fundamentals of Neurobiology, and Histology. In addition, the MSLC offers study spaces and a Biology Room equipped with microscopes, including a microscope equipped with video camera so that images can be projected. Course reserve materials available at the front desk include microscope slides for Histology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Parasitology, biology text books, anatomy study materials, and study aids.

Additional assistance in Life Sciences courses includes walk-in group tutoring and one-on-one tutoring offered through the Rutgers Learning Centers ( and study groups offered through the Learning Assistant Program.

Review Sessions

Times for review sessions and office hours for Spring 2016 will be posted in January.


"The MSLC is a great resource for extra academic help. The learning center provides additional course material, particularly for general biology and general physics. The biology study room, for example, was very useful to study in. It provided extra microscope slides, making it more effective to understand the laboratory lecture. The academics mentors at the MSLC would often provide different studying strategies, which would be extremely useful for exams. I’d get all my biology lab reports edited and revised by the TAs on duty. Before exams, I’d teach the exam material to a tutor in order to better prepare for tests. I found this study method to be the most beneficial, thus far. The MSCL is great place to expand intellectual growth. I’m very thankful to have a learning center like this to lean on. I recommend every student to use the resources at the MSCL to their greatest abilities"

A student majoring in Biological Science. Graduation Year 2015.

"The MSLC was extremely beneficial at Rutgers since it allowed me to study and get help in the biology course. The biology room helped students review slides that were important to know in order to prepare for the BIO practical. The opportunity to have extra time to study on my own and ask the Teachers Assistant questions was extremely helpful. I was able to connect with people taking similar classes which allowed me to form study groups".

A student majoring in Exercise Science. Graduation Year 2015

"General Biology at Rutgers University was one of my favorite courses, and the MSLC played a very important role in my educational experience. MSLC has amazing resources that help make general biology a very hands-on, engaging, and interesting course. I often used this place to meet up with my professors and TA's during office hours, review lab material with the prepared slides and microscopes, and study individually and with friends. All the professors that I had were very kind and helpful. I strongly encourage all students who are currently taking general biology or who will be taking it in the future to visit MSLC and utilize the great resources that are available for you".

A student majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Graduation Year 2014