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The MSLC offers resources designed to support students with learning in stem field-related courses. These resources include:

  • Quiet places to study
  • A Charging Station located near the front desk/lobby area
  • Formal and informal support for many science courses
  • A Biology Study Room with microscopes and models
  • Course materials on reserve (back exams, microscope slides, models)
  • An open access computer lab     (Computer Lab information)

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Why use our Services?


Why use our Services?

"General Biology at Rutgers University was one of my favorite courses, and the MSLC played a very important role in my educational experience. MSLC has amazing resources that help make general biology a very hands-on, engaging, and interesting course. I often used this place to meet up with my professors and TA's during office hours, review lab material with the prepared slides and microscopes, and study individually and with friends. All the professors that I had were very kind and helpful. I strongly encourage all students who are currently taking general biology or who will be taking it in the future to visit MSLC and utilize the great resources that are available for you".

A student majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience.
Graduation Year 2014