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The Math & Science Learning Center (MSLC)

The Math & Science Learning Center is a unique resource for students in the sciences. We are committed to providing support services for University students and outreach programs for K-12 students. Special to the MSLC are the hands-on interdisciplinary science demonstrations and activities. Instrumental to our success are the contributions made by our student managers and employees. The MSLC offers

  • Formal and informal course support.
  • Course materials on reserve (back exams, handouts, microscope slides, videotapes etc...)
  • Biology Study Room with microscopes and models.
  • A computer lab with internet access.
  • Quiet places to study.
  • Instructor-led group tutoring and review sessions.

student writing on chalkboard

Why visit the MSLC?

"The MSLC was extremely beneficial at Rutgers since it allowed me to study and get help in the biology course. The biology room helped students review slides that were important to know in order to prepare for the BIO practical. The opportunity to have extra time to study on my own and ask the Teachers Assistant questions was extremely helpful. I was able to connect with people taking similar classes which allowed me to form study groups".

A student majoring in Exercise Science.
Graduation Year 2015

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