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Mission & Goals (orig)

At the heart of the Math & Science Learning Center’s mission is its commitment to provide direct support services for students in the sciences, with a high level of direct student participation in activities and planning.  Although many programs throughout the University provide some form of student support, the MSLC is unique in providing interactive, hands-on support for the various science and mathematics-based disciplines as part of an integrated, interdisciplinary program.

A second important component of the MSLC’s mission is the provision of support, encouragement and technical assistance to academic departments in the development of innovative courses and course support materials, including support for external grant funding.  The MSLC is in a unique position to provide this kind of support to faculty since the associate directors are all actively involved in teaching, and are members of science departments.  The MSLC itself provides the facilities for course development, and a central place to bring faculty with an interest in innovative teaching together. 

The third important part of the MSLC's mission involves a commitment to outreach activities and assistance with programs offered by the university for pre-college students, teachers and others.   Several different programs for teachers use the MSLC as a base for their programs, and the center itself, with its interactive demonstrations, is ideally suited for introducing visiting school groups to some basic scientific principles.

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Why visit the MSLC?

"The MSLC was extremely beneficial at Rutgers since it allowed me to study and get help in the biology course. The biology room helped students review slides that were important to know in order to prepare for the BIO practical. The opportunity to have extra time to study on my own and ask the Teachers Assistant questions was extremely helpful. I was able to connect with people taking similar classes which allowed me to form study groups".

A student majoring in Exercise Science.
Graduation Year 2015

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